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CHTO is a fine arts project in keeping with the work of Camille de Toledo, author among many others of “Potential Lives” – 2010 – and “The inversion of Hieronymus Bosch” – 2007, as well as the creator of the European Society of Authors . CHTO is the author of the video and the libretto of the first 3D opera “The Fall of Fukuyama” presented in Paris, in 2013. He has taken part in different collective exhibitions such as “Secession” – 2014, Berlin – along with such artists as Kader Attia and Anri Sala and “L’image pensée” – 2013, Paris – curated by Donatien Grau along with Pierre Leguillon, Camille Henrot, Claude Lévêque or Carsten Höller. His research areas include the potentiality of forms, the return of history and violence as well as translation and hybridization processes. CHTO’s art narrations have been exhibited in Paris, Berlin, New York, Brussels, Leipzig and Vienna. He is based in Berlin and has three children. His latest projects are « Europa-Eutopia, a political fiction » and « Capitalist melancholia », in collaboration with the author François Cusset and HALLE 14, Art Center for Contemporary Art.


Mittel-Europa (M-E) is an ongoing curatorial platform which puts the concept of narration at the heart of material creation. Its model is drawn from the works of literary scholar, Claudio Magris, who defines « mitteleuropa » as an empty, forever elusive center. Among the main focuses of the Mittel-Europa  project are the three pillars of the 21st century: translation, migration, hybridization. The Mittel-Europa project develops fragmented narratives and immersive forms of exhibition, where theory connects with different languages and mediums, from sculpture to sound environments, to photography, to installation and performance. These immersive art forms seek endlessly to enact what C. Toledo calls « an esthetics of vertigo ». The Mittel-Europa platform has yet three editorial projects with Manuella editions (Paris), with curators such as apeopleismissing (K. Quiros – A. Imhoff) and with theoreticians and scholars such as Deepesh Chakrabarty and Bruno Latour. In 2015 the Mittel-Europa project is in residency in Leipzig, at the Spinnerei art center.

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