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2015Silkscreen on cotton cloth
130 cm x 99,87 cm

At the end of the field of stones generated through the 15 impacts lies what resembles an American flag. By looking at it, one will notice that it has more stripes than the original flag: 10 horizontal red rows instead of 7.Ten like the commandments, the ethics, the moral.

By putting what looks like a pretty realistic American Flag on the floor and allowing the visitors to step on it as they please, you are certainly attracting positive and negative criticism. What was your intention?

This piece simply happened. While I was installing the exhibition I put the flag on the floor. I was interested in seeing if people were going to walk on it. By using what looks like a flag, as a carpet I question what is holly and what is not. I have chosen the American flag because the myth of the end of history comes from the United States. This piece questions this linear story carried by the United States and the western World, the idea that there is progress in history and that we are moving towards democracy. I consider this view on history as a kind of propaganda machine to justify the idea that there are just wars that we should wage on the base of principles and values. The American Carpet represents an ethical question asked to the United States, the entire History Reloaded narrative is a question thrown to this global player: Who is writing history? Who is making the big narratives at the beginning of the 21st Century if is not the United States? Of course this is also a question I’m asking to myself. What kind of relationship do I have to the United States? Is it attraction or repulsion? Do I accept to walk on it and trash it or do I keep a sort of distance?

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