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2015HD Metal Print on Aluminium
13 prints 100 cm x 133.3 cm

This piece can be regarded as a Passion. In At the end comes a new beginning, the 3D avatar of Francis Fukuyama is depicted falling onto a needle. This slow and progressive sequence is a visual reference to the Hegelian influence in Fukuyama’s theory. According to Hegel, historical events are seen as stages in the logical unfolding of sovereign reason. In his book The End of History and the Last Man, Francis Fukuyama argues that the end of the Cold War, the advent of Western liberal democracies (the Hegelian advanced State) and the free market capitalism of the West may signal the end point of humanity’s sociocultural evolution. This endism is challenged in the art piece. The spectator is here confronted with a Passion-with-no-end resembling an unbewitchment ritual rather than a path of suffering and sorrow. The influence of non-Western thinking is clear here, as is CHTO’s continued attempt to deconstruct the teleological obsession. Because no reason-based arguments are strong enough to overcome endism, it is through a shamanic ritual that the artwork tries to unbewitch our collective soul in order to allow other possible futures.

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