Bomb-Burn-Out capitalistmelancholia_chto_01


©Walther Le Kon


2016Video Diptych
HD 1920 x 1080 px 55’

CHTO 2016, featuring François Cusset and Camille de Toledo

This video work gives the name to the whole narrative. Capitalist Melancholia is an ABC of capitalism, presented in the form of a crime scene. On the wall, photocopies of press articles remind us of how indian farmers are pushed to commit suicide because of debt, how the 2008 Lehman brother scandal hit the world and plounged it into recession. The photocopies casually glued on the wall as a working mood board are just an invitation to listen to the two voices. From Anthropocene to Zoo, from Action to Zuckerberg, through B for Burn out and Bomb, C for Capital and Chinese and all the other letters of the alphabet, Capitalist Melancholia, the video, is an asymmetrical piece, where the listener has to choose one or the other of the channels he wants to listen. Bridging together intimate stories, as well as conceptual anecdotes, the video is a clear reference to De la Tour’s vanitas – the two speakers in the video seem to be lightened by a candle, and are just cut heads lost in the dark like the head of Goliath in Caravagio’s painting. But moving from these classical references to the genre of the vanitas, it shows a very lively orality, full of personal stories, where one understands how much the contemporary regime of capitalism is now fully part of our everyday existences…

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