Presented in May 2016 - HALLE 14 - Spinnerei - Leipzig

Our present age has become so individually and collectively, spiritually, materially, and ecologically exhausted that this has led to a particular kind of 21st century melancholy. In such a frenzied standstill, progress is inconceivable. The exhibition and symposium invite us to pause for a moment and ask ourselves about a future that presents itself as...



Presented in October 2015 - Spinnerei - Leipzig A haunted forest, the remains of a run-down capitalist civilisation, and a wooden border that extended beings attempt to climb and pass are the first elements of this gigantic installation. A rotating sound narration takes the visitors from one corner to another of this haunted landscape, questioning the limits of representation, exploring the thin...



Presented in May 2015 - Spinnerei - Leipzig

In 2008, CHTO began to write an opera; the “end of history” and the “return of violence “at the dawn of the 21st century were its central themes. After four years of work, The Fall of Fukuyama, an opera-video for four soloists, chorus, and orchestra co-written with composer G. Hetzel, was premiered at the Salle...



Presented in March 2015 - Spinnerei - Leipzig

It works as a manifesto, evoking the exhibition space as a “space of possibles” or potentials just as much as it evokes CHTO’s own story. Here the artist is writing under the name of Camille de Toledo, continuing his work on memory, translation, fictional vertigo, potentials for hope – all the while tying this work to...

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Presented in September 2014 - Institut Français - Berlin

The first exhibition of the project SECESSION has been held in Berlin in September 2014. Thirteen artists and researchers have participated. The catalog traces the main stages of this quest on the European space of the 21st Century. The usual categories of art, science and a politics are left behind making space for new potential ways of perceiving...