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This video piece is made up of two videos one above the other. On one you see the upper part of CHTO’s body doing a full-length session on the punching bag and on the other screen the legs are also moving around and fighting.

The bottom and the upper part of your body are engaged in two separated struggles. What does this lack of convergence means to you?

There was a moment in the 70s when theory seemed to work along with art, working along with a political effort towards emancipation, struggle for rights. We still live in this memory of this time, when there was a convergence of struggles. It was a very short moment but it happened. That moment was characterised by a really anti-disciplinary feeling; people were questioning order and power. We are a generation born after this convergence of struggle. Everything became more fragmented in 1980s. Different struggles became more “identity oriented”: gays fighting for gays’ rights, blacks fighting for black emancipation, feminists dealing with their own struggle. We are still living in this aftermath of convergence. Theory is now disconnected from mainstream politics, which is often disconnected from people’s movements. Art is disconnected from the rest of the fields. In the last 10-15 years we really see an attempt to recreate the conditions of those convergences. To reconnect different causes in an effort that could be qualified as a diplomatic effort: reconnecting theory with art, with research, research with politics, politics with movements, with activism, with democracy, with an extended ontology. But this effort of convergence is still not producing real effects on the way mainstream politics and our own ecosystem is governed. We feel that these connections are there potentially, but they are a subterranean movement that is producing real effects. The video with these two elements is apprehending this moment. What the viewer does is an effort of diplomacy.

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