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The frontier is a paradoxical site whose points of differentiations are also their common points (Franco Cassano, Southern Thought,1996)

Travel may disassemble landscapes and sceneries. By standing in front of these photographs the viewer is confronted with this tension, trying to recognize familiar elements in these fugitive images. For writer and scholar Claudio Magris the tension between dislocation and relocation is the propelling force of life. The series Danube is inspired by Magris’s homonymous text (Danube,1986), who narrated a real and symbolic journey through a Europe divided by the iron curtain, retracing the places and the myths of Mitteleuropa while inviting us to reflect on the concept of belonging to, or longing for. As for the work of Gerard Richter the boarders between painting and photography are challenged by this series of images, which recall ink paintings as Suminagashi water prints. The shapes are blurred as the concept of “europeanness” is. On board of a train, crossing a continent where walls are going up again, the artist reflects on the broken unity of the world and the feasibility of a supernational, cosmopolitan identity – as described by writer Stefan Zweig – in 21st century Europe. Can we accept existential dislocation as a way of being?  How can Europe achieve cohesion while simultaneously acknowledging a contradictory heterogeneity? The fluid movement between light and darkness of these images creates a sense of harmony in this fragmented and chaotic scenario.

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