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“Frères-Brothers” is a video diptych by CHTO, presented for the first time in Paris at the Ménagerie de Verre in 2010, within a solo-show called “Hantologies”, which was focusing on the presence of the death, spectrality and phantoms.  This diptych is composed by an extract of a super 8 video filmed at the end of the 70s by the father of the artist and of a sequence filmed by CHTO in 2007 in Camargue. By archiving the super 8 videos of his father, CHTO recognised that he had unconsciously reproduced long time after the structure of the sequence of his childhood filmed by his father as a sort of “involuntary re-enactment”. At the heart of the work is the suicide of his brother Jérôme, whose fall in the sequence appears as a metaphorical announcement of his death.

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