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Project started in 2010 - on goingLightboxes

The “Nowhere Lands” photographic series was first presented in Paris in spring 2013 at Galery Kamel Mennour, in “L’image pensée” exhibition curated by Donation Grau along with such artists as Camille Henrot, Pierre Leguyion, Mohamed Bourouissa, Claude Leveque… It is an on-going work developed as light boxes for collection purposes. All the images try to grasp moments of presence in the hectic and often unconscious flow of life. These photographs are not evidencing facts. They are rather visual notes that help the artists keeping track of those instants in which he inhabited the present with total awareness. The series of diptychs represents places of transit whose anonymity is sealed by the blurriness given by the capture on the run. Headlights, streetlights and light flares mark each images as an artist’s signature. The viewer is invited to sit and confronting these noplaces searching for matching scenes. But memories often do not correspond to actual facts and places can lose their features to the point to resemble one another.

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