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2015Four engraved aluminium plates + one absent;
each 420 × 594 mm.

The “PAM” (potential art manifesto) is both a theoretical text and a migrating art piece. As for the art piece, it comprises 4 engraved aluminium plates and one absent. Each plate is engraved with a different language in which the manifesto has been translated. The absent plate corresponds to what I call “l’antre-des-langues”, the language of the “in-between” as the common language of multiplicities. The engraving of the manifesto carries the effort to give materiality to potentiality, by making it a sensible, concrete, material. By engraving the text the piece is connected to “les tables de la Loi”, the fundamental texts that are the basis of our societies. By using this technique, the potential art manifesto is trying to substitute those “old” Laws, with the laws of potentialities, thus changing a world order based on “essences” and “origins”, into a reality based on the power of transformation of all things. At the same time, the use of aluminium makes the text engraved unstable. One is never sure that it is there, erased, or readable. Thus, it enacts into the object the very concept linked to the text : whether a “potential form” is already a form (a engraving into reality) or an invisible force that can be read and welcomed only by those who want to see it.

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