2015Mixed-media Installation
160 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm

This installation is the latest development of the History Reloaded art narrative.  It consists of a suspension of a printed punching bags picturing the 3D avatar of Fukuyama falling on red. The visitor is invited to let free his or her drives for violence and combat, to welcome agressive tensions. The bags in return fragment the space and tend to impede the connections between the participants (collective violence) or to discourage the individuals. The punching bag, suspended by long chains, produce a violent metallic sound when strucks, creating an aural reference to slavery and its long history. In this work, CHTO evokes a moment in history when our bodies and minds are trying to break with the post-historical horizon of peace while struggling with different strategies of tension and violence. As a result, the visitor-fighters are left alone attempting to develop their own individual combat strategies. And yet the fighting goes on, leaving each with the impression that violence has turned against itself, as in a suicidal attempt.

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