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2016Suspended gloves + sound installation

The battle of past and present is an impressive glove suspension – like a rain of boxing gloves falling on us – coupled with a sound piece. This work can be first perceived as a reference to all the lost social battles that were led to oppose the flux and rhythm of economic deregulation and acceleration. It is, in that sense, a very spectral piece, connecting with CHTO’s work on “fantoms”. One walks among and under those fallen gloves, hearing the sound of a far-away fight that quotes the first scene of Raging Bull by slowing down the struggle, making it sound like a forgotten war. But The battle of past and present gradually turns out to have a more positive meaning. It invites, in a way, to contemplate the fallen expectations of the past, but for the potential hopes that they can still transmit to us. What can we do? How can we respond to a complex of powers that have no place, no clear design? The battle of Past and Present are all the more central to the Capitalist Melancholia narrative that they have been created by CHTO by using the same grammar and elements as for his History reloaded exhibition in 2015. The issue here is to oppose the dead end horizon described by Francis Fukuyama in 1989: a celebration, in a way, of on-going efforts by social collectivities to overturn the horizon of the end of history and relaunch a historical cycle of emancipation.

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