What is the story behind this piece ?

I was working on The Potential Exhibion in the Spinnerei, Leipzig, and I have noticed how the ground is studded with many expressive elements, traces of the past, of what was there before. The Becoming of Something is composed by a awry rectangle, a part of the ground around it and the wall. It is not very clear where does the wall start and where does the rectangle stands. The volumes are brought to one surface, they almost disappear. There is also an optic turn to it: the white of the wall is turned into something flat, continuous with the ground.

Why did it become part of the Potential Exhibition? How does it relate to potentiality?

This forgotten piece, this trace of something that used to be stands for the unachieved of the past. It became a piece of the exhibition because it came to represent for me a way of transforming the possibility of the past in what could be. In my work – and particularly in this exhibition – I attempt to link the trace of the past to stories that still have to be written. This piece really tells for me the turning moment – as I discussed in my book Le Hêtre et le Bouleau, essai sur la tristesse européenne (C.Toledo, 2009) – when we try to change memories and traditions into something that is future instead of being hunted by memories. It is transforming this hunting form – the trace of what was there before – into a potential form.

How did you transform this space element into an art piece?

It doesn’t have any materiality yet. It might be a print or it might be a phantom image that I can project in different places. The main concept behind this piece is that everything that remains can be transformed into a conditional, “what could be”. As for the entire Potential Exhibition, it can be repeated in other spaces transforming what was and that no longer is into a place where something could be.

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