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201613 graves 200cmx80cm, sound, confettis

The cemetery of the future is, at first sight, the most direct quote of our anthropocenic future, with our collectives facing global destruction. In that sense, The cemetery of the future is a vanitas. A geometrical work, quoting Peter Eisenman’s Denkmal – working here on the passage from “geno- cide” (Eisenman) to “geocide”. The cemetery of the future is a walk-in installation consisting of thirteen “speculative graves” and a sound environment. As a response to the “Anthropocene” – are we actually « destroying » our futures ? – the words engraved on the tombs form a random poem about new beginnings – hope, love, morning, shores, light, songs… – inviting us to rediscover the way to what is to be born. The white confettis covering the tombs are enacting this potential and paradoxical erasing of humanity.

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