Presented in March 2015 - Spinnerei - Leipzig

It works as a manifesto, evoking the exhibition space as a “space of possibles” or potentials just as much as it evokes CHTO’s own story. Here the artist is writing under the name of Camille de Toledo, continuing his work on memory, translation, fictional vertigo, potentials for hope – all the while tying this work to matter, space, and incarnation in the real. The POTENTIAL EXHIBITION could be described in the following manner: it is a sentence rolling out, expanding and telling the story of a young man. The story and the words that make it up are cut and fragmented onto the walls of space such that we can no longer follow them, and we must try and glue back together the meaning. The role of the sentence in space is the same as that of the young man’s story in the text: it pursues possibilities for life, for different existences. The sentence is printed there, in front of us, making manifest an infinite number of potential pathways. The Potential Exhibition is for CHTO at the crossroads between hope and inquietude: inquietude with regard to a totality that is fictional, trembling, and disengaged from political bodies, and hope – that against semantic, identitary, and territorial closure will come new possibilities for existence, new futures. This project will be continued, during the year 2015-2016, with a collaboration between CHTO and the “peuple- qui-manque” (“a people is missing”, Kantuta Quiros – Aliocha Imhoff) based on a “Manifesto for Potential Art.”

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