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2014Three skins on wooden frames
140 x 110 cm

In the triptych “Europa” the lamb- maps invites to viewer to read the space and countries as a quartered body. We are reminded of the parchments, one of the first material used for writing, while the red dyeing recalls the pigments of Kapoor’s work. In the tension that arises from the suspension of the skins, one wonders where the edges of Europe are. Missing, incorporate, distorted countries … We think of tectonic movements that over millennia modified the shape of the continent, changing what is presented as “nature” through oscillations and metamorphoses. Beyond compression and quartering that leave their marks on the skins, the piece “Europa” pictures the contemporary European space as a site for a new savagery. The double meaning of the word “Wild” reveals to be itself the heart of the triptych. On one hand, it recalls the savagery of Europe, its history of violence, massacres besides a bunch of posthistoriques and pacified interpretations of the term “peace”. On the other hand, the skin- maps advocate a return to an embryonic Europe, a place of dreams, u-topos for writing and experimentation. “Europa” invites the viewer to reflect on the present, the past and to open up to multiple potential ideas of future.

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